The Band

Current Band Members

Guy Pettigrew -
Lead Vocals
Oskar Jankovic -
Jeff Church -
Jeff Black -
backing vocals

Past Members

Doneka Reid -
Lead Vocals
Cina Liu -
Lead Vocals
Ryan Hopper -
Bass, Vocals

About the Band

Samandriel is a five-piece melodic heavy metal group based out of Edmonton, Canada.
Founded in 2008 by Oskar Jankovic and Ryan "Hoops" Hopper, Samandriel's goal has been to deliver explosive heavy metal with soaring vocals, intricate rhythms, powerful melodies and dramatic keyboard use. In addition, Samandriel is one of the most theatrical and energetic live acts in Western Canada today and have been touring regionally with fantastic reception since 2009.

"Awakening" EP Lineup, 2010

In October 2010, the debut recording was released in the form of the Awakening EP, featuring Oskar Jankovic on guitars, Jeff Black on keyboards, Ryan Hopper on bass, Jeff Church on drums and Doneka Reid on vocals. The EP was met with positive reviews from print magazines, webzines and bloggers across the world, including Terrorizer, Metalcrypt, Rockfreaks and many more. In April 2011, Doneka was forced to leave to band due to personal circumstances. In mid 2011, Guy Pettigrew from Canmore, AB began filling in for live vocal duties, and in early 2012 Samandriel announced that Guy would be the new lead singer for Samandriel, bringing his high-octane rock and roll lungs into the band on a full-time basis.
2011 Lineup @ Noctis 4.20 Calgary
Now, in 2012 the stage is set for Samandriel to dominate the North American heavy metal scene!

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