Sunday, 18 March 2012

Seeking Bassist

A re-post from our Facebook page:

With Hoops taking his leave from the band, we are now seeking for someone to fill the gap. Any interested parties may get in touch with us via email, or through any of the band members and we can set up an audition. Our new bassist may be asked to record on our upcoming full-length.

Prospective bassist will need:

- Chops and instrument skill (ability to play odd timings)
- Gig/recording experience
- OUTSTANDING stage presence (watch our live videos for a reference)
- Gig-worth gear, and a willingness to keep stage volumes low)
- Backing vocal skills (harmony singing)
- Willing to get a round in at the pub
- Transportation to rehearsals/gigs
- Able to rehearse twice a week
- Able to hit the road for out of town shows
- Over 18 years of age. NON-NEGOTIABLE.
- Look like you belong in a metal band
- Not be a drug-addled dickhead
- Able to pitch money for jam space rent every month

Audition process is being discussed, but expect to learn a couple of our own songs plus some of our favorite covers.

Please send us an email with a photo, videos of you playing, and a list of your top-five favorite albums.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


This will be the new official Samandriel webspace, hosted by Blogger until we get our own domain name online! This is where you'll find the latest official updates and dirty details for Samandriel, and will be our professional page. The Facebook Page will continue to be your source for our silly antics and general behind-the-scenes nonsense, so please keep checking back there as well!

Please stay tuned as we update this site with our upcoming live dates, slick photo galleries, song samplers, videos and other cool, more "professional" happenings.

- Jeff B